Sunday, 6 December 2009

Really Sad Bubble Bob

Now, Bob was a good straight boy to begin with, but there was bad
blood In him
; someway he got into the bad thoughts and that leads straight to
Devil's work, just like marijuana leads to heroin; you think you can take
Them thoughts or leave 'em, do you?
Just save a few for your bad days

Well, now, we all have those bad days when you can't think for shit.

The more of them thoughts you use, the more bad days you have without
So it comes down finally to all your days being bad without the thoughts
It's all or nothing
Time to stop chippying around and kidding yourself,
Kid, you're hooked, heavy as lead

And that's where old Bob found himself
Out there at the crossroads
Molding the Devil's will
Now a man figures it's his will, so it will
Do what he wants it to do
But it don't always work that way.

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